About us

Welcome to CrACKLES! 

CrACKLES is a celebration of flavour in every soft, crispy and chewy bite.

Hi, I'm Muna! I'm the founder and CrACKLES creator. As a corporate executive-turned-stay-at-home mom, CrACKLES was born out of a love for using my creativity to share a newer, more exciting version of my favourite childhood treat with you! This passion quickly evolved from a hobby to an in-demand treat for special occasions, parties, and snacks.

Back home in Canada, crisped rice and gooey marshmallow treats have been making memories for both kids and adults for generations. CrACKLES special recipe presents an elevated approach to a classic favourite, featuring a variety of flavours and seasonal delights that are perfect for any occasion — birthdays, family gatherings, school celebrations, weddings, work functions — you name it! 

“Today, with more food lovers craving a reconnection with treasured flavour memories, CrACKLES is a treat that provides hugs for the taste buds.” 

Those who know me know that I take great pride in my creations, which is why CrACKLES soft, crispy and chewy treats not only taste great with our freshness guarantee, they look cute too — right down to the packaging. CrACKLES is a unique and delightful snack that will keep your sweet tooth coming back for more! 

Try them for yourself or gift them to friends, family, and colleagues, and you’ll see why CrACKLES sparks joy, connection and comfort for taste buds of all ages! 

Savour the flavours of CrACKLES!

Handmade to perfection, CrACKLES are available in a variety of flavours. Try our classic crisped rice and marshmallow treats or go for the gusto with an assortment of enhanced flavours, including Over the Rainbow, Over the Top, Cookies ‘n Cream, Birthday Cake,  Cookie Butter, Chocolate Lovers, Peanut Butter, Pretzel and Dark Chocolate, Mars Bar and Campfire S'mores.

Choose from individually wrapped treats or box sets, with custom packaging options, including special message tags, ribbons and lollipop sticks. 

Events and Corporate Promotions

Looking for a unique gift for your next event or corporate promotion? We frequently handle custom packaging requests. Please reach out and let us make your CrACKLES dreams a reality.

We are on a mission to bring a smile to people’s faces and look forward to providing a customer experience as delightful as the marshmallow crispy treats we proudly create.

“At CrACKLES, love is the number one ingredient in everything we create.”