Make Your Halloween Party Scarier and Stickier with CrACKLES!

Make Your Halloween Party Scarier and Stickier with CrACKLES!

The spooky season is upon us, and it’s party planning time! Whether you’re throwing a themed dinner party for your friends or a costumed get-together for your kids, CrACKLES Halloween treats are the perfect mix of scary, sticky, and sweet. Whether you order a delectable Tricky Treat CrACKLES in a Box, our specially cracked Halloween CrACKLES, or our individually packaged Halloween Singles for all your friends, CrACKLES has what you need to eat, drink, and be scary!

You don’t need to live in a haunted mansion to host the perfect Halloween party, but we’d argue any monster mash is incomplete without CrACKLES Halloween treats! Enjoy your favorite CrACKLES Singles with crunchy sprinkles, candy beads, candy coated chocolate balls, Halloween confetti and nonpareils or indulge in our special edition Tricky Treat CrACKLES in a Box decorated with candy bones, candy bats, spooky eyes, and candy corn for the ultimate sweet treat! They’re almost too cute to spook. 

Halloween CrACKLE will make your dessert table look as fa-boo-lous as it tastes, with pink or green creamy white chocolate, mini Oreo cookies, and our special Halloween sprinkles combination! The only question is CrACKED or UNCrACKED?

If you are planning a smaller affair this Halloween, like a fun date night activity, a special surprise for your kids, or a frightfully festive project for yourself, we dare you to design your own CrACKLES with our limited-edition DIY CrACKLES Halloween decorating kit. Equipped with two of our signature soft, crispy, and chewy CrACKLES pumpkins, googly candy eyes, Halloween sprinkles, and two bags of icing, you can make your own monstrous masterpiece! 

Wait, we are not done yet. How about decorating your home in a way that fits this spooky occasion? When combined with white and orange pumpkins, bundles of cinnamon, autumn leaves, branches of berries, and star anise, our unique Pumpkin Spice CrACKLES in a Box make a delicious addition to any Halloween or fall-themed dinner party.

‘Bone’ appétit from the CrACKLES kitchen and Happy CrACKLoween!

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